Our activities

Mukti- Deemed as the 2nd largest fest in Eastern India, we bring you a range of varied events. From a series of interesting online events that you can participate in from the comfort of your room to the coolest brain wracking offline events, we bring you the best

Workshops- We organise a multitude of quite open and interactive workshops,throughout the year, to spread the message of FOSS and enlighten everyone on the latest technology.

Screencasts- Our YouTube channel is quite active and we have brought the perfect solution to the beginners’ problems through our screencast series where we give a brief understanding of Git, Linux, the various front end and back end technologies and much more to get you started on your FOSS journey

Contributions to college- We take pride in helping out the college with all things technical through maintaining the college website and helping out the departmental workshops by making websites and feedback forms

Hackathons- We keep the FOSS enthusiasts on their toes by organising the most interesting hackathons where they compete and learn.

LINIT- Who says that geeks can’t be creative? Here we are to prove all those people wrong and we invite you to share your works, which may include tech related articles, memes, sketches or facts, and send in your entries for NIT Durgapur’s Annual Open Source Magazine, LINIT!