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The GNU/Linux Users’ Group of NIT Durgapur is a community of GNU/Linux users and promoters of Free and Open Source Software.

The Group was established in 2003 by a bunch of FOSS enthusiasts with the objective of spreading awareness about the world of Free and Open Source Softwares and popularising their use in the campus. Since then the group has evolved into a body that is now an active part of the open source community through numerous contributions to a wide range of open source projects. The group strives hard to introduce the philosophy and encourage the use of FOSS across all departments of study, here at NIT Durgapur.

We, the members, believe that Software freedom is as essential as the civil liberty of freedom of Speech.

What We do!

From organizing workshops on the latest market technologies to conducting the largest FOSS carnival of Eastern India, we do it all!


The largest FOSS festival of Eastern India, MUKTI celebrates the freedom of Open Source. Come, explore the world of freedom here!

Android Development Workshops

With the growing number of Android devices, Android Application Development comes across as one of the most demanding technologies currently!

Web Development Workshops

Learn how to build a website from scratch, using the latest technologies such as Bootstrap, Django and Git!

Hack.Me Workshops

We bring the developer out in you through Hack.Me workshops. From writing simple scripts to spamming a Google Form, we can get a little mishchievious here!

GSOC Barcamp

We conduct a Barcamp every year, which is hosted by Ex-GSOCers. They are an amazing platform for someone who aspires to crack the most reputed intern in the world!

Mozilla Workshop

Every year we conduct a MozTour, which is attended by students of colleges all over the state. From Web Compatibility Sprints to hackathons, the workshops focus on teaching how to contribute to open source communitites!


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We also publish the annual open source magazine of NIT Durgapur, LINIT!


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Meet The Team

Feel free to ask us about anything under the sun! :D

Surya Kant Singh


Neetesh Kumar

General Secretary

Drishti Agarwal


Arpit Singh


Contact Us

We urge you to learn and explore the world of open source. Feel free to mail us your queries, we would be more than happy to help you!

We look forward to hear from you!